About us

Our company "elaih" started it’s activity in the cultivation and marketing of olive and olive oil with passion and enthusiasm.

We are of a group of producers, all born and raised in rural families.
The laborious process of harvesting of olives was the main occupation of our families.

Our basic thought for the creation of the company is to deliver, genuine and pure olive oil without interference and use preservatives to the consumer around the world.


"We were born and grew up in rural families"

The cultivation of olives is done using organic pesticides and fertilizers which have the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Traditional method is used to harvest the fruit in order to maintain quality at a high level.
After that it is stored in proper storage facility with excellent health conditions and temperature.

The packaging is done in a modern packaging factory, which has secured all necessary licenses. All these make up a business, which is well organized and has excellent outcome.



Our products are packed in a certified facility in compliance with all the requirements set by law.